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It’s that simple. And so is Loop.
We make engagement rings for modern relationships.
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We Believe Finding the Right Ring Should Be Easier.

We’re a crew of diamond industry pros on a mission: to transform every step of buying engagement rings into a simpler, enjoyable, and collaborative experience. So, we left our corporate jewelry gigs to give every couple the personal guidance & support we’ve been giving our friends and family for years.

Welcome to the Loop family.

The loop difference

Ring shopping, but easier.

Fair Prices
On average, 30% less than typical diamond retailers.

We take out the middleman by partnering with a leading diamond and jewelry manufacturer to bring you top tier rings at a fair price — without the diamond industry BS.

Expert Guidance
No sales pitch. No industry jargon. No commissions.

Our easy-to-understand diamond experts will guide you step-by-step to find the ring you’ve been looking for. Bring us all your questions and we’ll give you honest answers. No sales pitch. Promise.

Top Tier Diamonds
Responsibly sourced and hand selected

All white Loop diamonds are responsibly sourced, with the highest cut grade. Our detail-obsessed team screens every diamond individually because certificates don’t always tell the full story.

The loop care promise

We help you find the right ring — and keep it sparkling. Every Loop ring comes with 100-day returns, exchanges, and 100-day resizing. Plus, a lifetime Loop Care guarantee with annual cleaning and maintenance (including shipping). All on us.


Our Bestsellers


Classic and sophisticated with a round diamond.

Starting at $325


Timeless meets trendy with an emerald diamond.

Starting at $1,280


Unique and brilliantly bold with an oval diamond.

Starting at $325
Diamond 101


Did you know?
Well Cut Diamonds Sparkle More

The overall cut grade for our round white diamonds is a combination of symmetry, polish, and the overall cut proportions. We only offer round white diamonds with the highest cut grade, because quality (and sparkle) matters.

Triple X for excellent symmetry, polish & cut in round, white diamonds.

Double X for excellent polish & symmetry in cushion, emerald, and oval diamonds.

Ideal Cut
Max amount of light is returned to the eye
Other Brands
Shallow cut
Light is lost through the side
Light is lost through the side
Did you know?

No Diamond Is Completely Perfect

The general diamond clarity scale goes from “Included” (lots of imperfections) to “Slightly Included” to “Very Slightly Included” all the way up to “Flawless.”

We don’t carry anything in the lower end of that scale…because standards. We rarely recommend a diamond in the top end either, because a high-quality diamond has 4Cs, not just 1.
Slightly Included Flawless
Did you know?

Not All Diamonds are Colorless

Diamond color scale goes from D (basically colorless) to Z (basically yellow). Our white diamonds fall between D and I, so you’ll always get a diamond that ranges from colorless to near colorless.
Near Colorless Colorless
Did you know?

Size Matters (To Some)

We provide a wide range of different carat sizes for your setting and your budget.

Not sure how big a carat is? Print out our carat size guide so you can compare sizes IRL instead of guessing (or worse, going to see a jewelry salesman).
Preview our carat size guide
1.0 CT
0.33ct 2.0ct
Model is wearing a size 5 ring

We get it, diamonds are complicated. We’re here to help.

Reviews from the Loop family
  • Without Loop, I don’t know what I would have done - I had no idea what I was getting into, and buying a ring was a scary idea. The Loop team made it easy, answered all my questions, talked me through the process, and clearly… it worked because she said yes!

    Matt M

  • When my boyfriend got down on one knee, I was so excited, and then I saw the ring, and my jaw just dropped. It’s absolutely perfect. I get compliments on it all the time and I know I’m going to be happy wearing this for the rest of my life.

    Mary D. (Matt M’s fiancée)

  • Your team delivered a ring that is super high quality, for less than my friend’s “diamond guy”. And, she loves it. Thanks for making this so easy.

    Grady T.

  • I watch it when she shows it to people and not only is SHE glowing, but the response has been really inspiring. People f**king LOVE the ring. So many compliments on the look and shape and how much it is her.

    Dersu R.

Finding the right ring takes time.
So, stay in the Loop.

We get it – it’s a big decision. In the meantime, we can keep you up to date with the latest from Loop.

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Every Loop ring includes 100 day returns/exchanges, lifetime guarantee, annual cleaning & maintenance, 100 day re-sizing, and free shipping.