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rings 101 Everything you need to know, nothing you don't.

For years, the diamond industry was a closed-door operation that kept buyers in the dark. Then the internet happened and the industry overcompensated, overloading consumers with tons of confusing, unnecessary information.

We’ve pored over all the details so you don’t need to, and boiled it all down to just the Need-to-Knows.

How Much Should I Spend on an Engagement Ring?

We call BS on any 3 months’ salary rule — and industry price markups. Loop rings are fairly priced and go for an average of 30% less than typical diamond retailers. We take out the middleman, expensive storefronts, wholesale margins, and licensing fees, so what you pay for is a beautiful, high-quality ring with sweet perks like Loop Care.
The diamond 4Cs


The overall cut grade for our round white diamonds is a combination of symmetry, polish, and the overall cut proportions. We only offer round white diamonds with the highest cut grade, because quality (and sparkle) matters. Triple X for excellent symmetry, polish & cut in round, white diamonds. Double X for excellent polish & symmetry in cushion, emerald, and oval diamonds.
The diamond 4Cs


The general diamond clarity scale goes from “Included” (lots of imperfections) to “Slightly Included” to “Very Slightly Included” all the way up to “Flawless.” We don’t carry anything in the lower end of that scale…because standards. We rarely recommend a diamond in the top end either, because a high-quality diamond has 4Cs, not just 1.
The diamond 4Cs


Diamond color scale goes from D (basically colorless) to Z (basically yellow). Our white diamonds fall between D and I, so you’ll always get a diamond that ranges from colorless to near colorless.
The diamond 4Cs


We provide a wide range of different carat sizes for your setting and your budget. Not sure how big a carat is? Print out our carat size guide so you can compare sizes IRL instead of guessing (or worse, going to see a jewelry salesman). Preview Our Carat Size Guide Need help finding a ring that fits? We got you. Print our size guide
diamond tip no.3

It should look great.

Your ring should look beautiful on your hand or your partner’s, not just on paper. Lots of companies will flash a fancy certificate at you so you think you’re getting a fancy diamond, but there’s so much more to a diamond than its certificate.

All of our white diamonds are GIA certified, internationally recognized as the top authority in diamond grading. We still look at every single stone to make sure it’s not just good on paper. We check each one individually so we know what we’re selling you, and you know you’re always going to get a beautiful diamond that looks amazing on.

diamond shapes
Shapes! You learned them in preschool. We promise, this will be just as simple.
Circular cut with tons of faceting = All. The. Sparkles.
Rectangular cut with fewer facets. Also goes “East-West” or “North-South.”
Takes up a little more real estate on your finger. Can go “East-West” or “North-South.”
A squarish cut with rounded edges and lots of facets for extra sparkle.
Champagne diamonds have a naturally occurring warm light brown hue with a slight yellow glow (just like a glass of bubbly). They’re graded on their own color scale and cut so that the maximum amount of color can be seen face up. We only select natural and untreated champagne diamonds that have rich, sparkling color.
black diamonds
Like almost every black diamond used for jewelry, ours are cut and treated to give them their deep black color. We still screen all black diamonds individually, so you’ll always get a high-quality diamond and a ring with a perfect fit and unique sparkle.
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